GW750 Vibratory Rubber Tire Roller
by Sakai America

The Sakai America GW750 vibratory Rubber Tire Roller has been grabbing rave reviews in the field for its ability to conquer the difficult-to-compact SuperPave and other mix designs. The challenge: Any hot asphalt mix technology that is as tough as SuperPave to place and compact is doubtless tough enough to withstand many years of constant heavy traffic. The tougher the mix is to compact, the tougher it is to stand up to added compaction of heavy trucks and problems like rutting, raveling and prematurely falling apart before our tax-paying eyes.

The primary problem with Superpave has always been the issue of the mix, once in place, becoming tender as it cools. With Superpave immediately being identified as a time-sensitive mix, becoming more and more difficult to work with as it cooled, contractors were required to add more equipment and labor to get the job done or seek help from the OEMs.

Along the way, some other specific problems have cropped up. With profiling of bituminous pavements and thin lift overlays of those pavements becoming a standard practice in some areas, another unique problem awaited an OEM solution. In many of these cases, depending on the specific mix design employed, it was discovered by core samples that the mix wasn't necessarily being seated properly in the profiled grooves. No interlock meant that many times the pavement could delaminate under traffic and over a short period of time. Neither conventional vibratory double drum rollers nor pneumatic tire rollers were able to consistently solve the problem. The combination of the vibration and the kneading action seats these mixes well

Innovative contractors, faced with both the Superpave issue as well as the thin lift over profiled surface issie, are discovering that this new concept roller will solve both of these problems. Superpave mixes are a challenge across North America. Since many states also offer bonus incentives and dish out penalties, contractors are always on the lookout for compaction equipment that meets density and other DOT demands fast.

Consistent with other advanced products recently brought to market by this OEM, the new combination of peumatic tire and vibration is bringing much success to innovative contractors. The new concept employs a vibratory shaft housed within a series of specially designed rubber tires. The tires actually vibrate, with the combination of vibration and kneading effect giving both the density and finish desired.

According to Dave Brown, Vice President - Marketing and Sales for Sakai, "Unlike any other roller type or brand in the world, this vibratory pneumatic tire roller gets consistent density throughout the thickness of the mat. This machine makes a tough mix like Superpave even more durable."

With Superpave and other contemporary mix designs causing so many problems early on, the company's engineers saw the new machine as a timely solution to a lot of issues that are currently causing problems on the jobsite. Wile many contractors employed static pneumatics in the Superpave rolling train, thje pneumatics were just too slow to benefit a mix design that relied on speed to gain compaction and finish before the mat temperature dropped to the point of the infamous and tricky tender zone.

Not unlike double drum steel vibratories, the new roller offers four different amplitude settings to suit the application. The roller can run static, like a conventional pneumatic and offers a choice of four other outputs up to a high force equal to or greater than a 55,000-pound pneumatic. The machine itself weighs just over 20,000 pounds with a rolling width of 77 inches. So you can get a considerable amount of force out of a relatively small package.

The GW750 has found its way into a number of different rolling scenarios. Combined with a pair of 79-inch double drums on the front end and a balanced three-wheeler bringing up the rear, this four-roller train has had much success solving contemporary mix problems, with compaction and smoothness achieved before the tender zone and bonuses gained when it's time to go home.

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