Grizzly & Grizzly Cub
by GAC (Geotextile Apparatus Co.)

GAC's "Grizzly" is twenty-five years old and the "Grizzly Cub" is ten years old. Twenty-five
years of research and development has resulted in six patents on nine features.

These paving fabric installation machines place fabric much faster and are virtually wrinkle free. They also have the unique ability to place fabric next to curbs, guardrails, fences, asphalt lifts, and other obstacles easily with less labor costs.

At first, laydown units were clumsy, three-piece bolt together, and later manual folding units. Fabric placement was wrinkled affecting a jobs longevity. A cumbersome setup and time-consuming laydown increased labor costs and stalled production. Some of these are still sold today.

In 1980, we developed the Model 750, a heavy duty mechanical or hydraulic folding unit designed for mobility. We refined the unit on thousands of jobs. It became the Rolls Royce of laydown units.

In 1990, we realized the machine didn't need to fold, it could telescope. Instead of a Rolls Royce, we now had a Farrari. GRIZZLY, a powerful double bar mainframe that telescopes 1' to 20'. GRIZZLY became a super heavy duty, full featured, smooth, versatile, cost-saving friend that was a bear to build.

In 1995, Grizzly had a kid, "The Cub" - a 1' to 15-1/2' telescoping single bar mainframe unit. It's not quite as strong and lacks some of its dads features, but it has all of the patented ones for a smooth, fast, cost saving laydown.

GAC attachments cost less to use. They replace or clamp on the bucket, attaching on and off endloaders in minutes. Equipment need not be tied up or new equipment purchased. Remember, it's not the tractor, it's the laydown unit that installs the fabric. A special oil truck mounting system is available. GAC's smooth, laydown takes less time and labor, speeding thejobs production.

Think about it! How much does your total paving operation cost per hour or day? GACs cut hours or days off projects. You get bid advantage or keep from being at a disadvantage. GAC's recoup their cost so fast it's like getting your machine free! New crews look like old pros in just a couple of rolls using the GRIZZLY or CUB.