Celebrating our 25th year manufacturing Patented Paving Fabric
Installation Machines and Roll Pullers for unloading trucks.

Since 1980, when we first introduced the Model 750, our unit has continued to be refined on thousands of jobs.

GAC's six patents were developed on thousands of jobs in 29 countries, installing hundreds of millions of square meters. After 20 years and 100s of changes we're still improving. New features on the GRIZZLY include telescoping arm stops. The brush edges stop at exactly 10-1/2', 12'1/2' and 15'. GRIZZLY and CUB have a new articulating center leveling brush mount, with an adjustable height of 3 1/2". All brush adjustments are done from the ourside jacks - it's faster, safer and easier for the crew. Brushes can be straightened for installing grid.

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